Additional Flooring Options

An Extension of Carefully Selected Flooring Offerings

We understand that each customer has unique preferences and needs. That’s why we provide this supplementary selection, ensuring you have access to a diverse array of options to meet your specific requirements. From commercial projects to specialized flooring needs, we offer versatility and choice.

Select with confidence, knowing that our commitment to quality and excellence extends to these carefully selected offerings, providing you with even more possibilities for your flooring project.

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Unveiling its Outstanding Features

Group 197

Easy Maintenance

Group 196

Scratch Resistant

Group 190


Group 192

Water Resistant

Group 194

Slip Resistant

Group 195

Sound Absorption

Group 188

Flame Retardance

Group 186

High Elasticity

Group 184

Warm to tha Touch

Group 182


Group 180

Stain Resistance

Group 178

High Wear Resistant

Summer Collection Wood ( 5mm / 0.5mm x 180mm x 1220mm )

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160056

NL 5101

Cotton Oak

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160102

NL 5102

White Wash Ash

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160106

NL 5103

Euro Oak

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160110

NL 5104

American Oak

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160114

NL 5105

Golden Teak

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160118

NL 5106

Warm Chestnut

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160121

NL 5107

Sienna Oak

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160125

NL 5108

Dark Walnut

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160131

NL 5109

Euro Maple

Mask group - 2023-06-19T160135

NL 5110

Choco Chestnut

Winter Collection Wood ( 5mm / 0.5mm x 180mm x 1220mm )

Mask group - 2023-06-19T153735

NL 5201

Frost White

Mask group - 2023-06-19T153739

NL 5202

Pearl Oak

Mask group - 2023-06-19T153743

NL 5203

Victorian Ash

Mask group - 2023-06-19T153748

NL 5204

Light Grey Ash

Mask group - 2023-06-19T153752

NL 5205

Creek Oak

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-26 at 5.55

NL 5206

Silver Grey Oak

Mask group - 2023-06-19T153801

NL 5207

Olive Elm

Mask group - 2023-06-19T153804

NL 5208

Black Wenge

Mask group - 2023-06-19T153809

NL 5209

Black Ebony

Stone Collection ( 5mm/0.5mm x 300mm x 600mm )

Every LVRF Vynil is precision-made using quality materials that allows it to withstand the true test of time. It also features a special coating that uses nano-sized Silver ions to inhibit bacteria cell reproduction, creating a healthier living environment.

Mask group - 2023-06-19T161221

NL 5301

Lime Wash Stone

Mask group - 2023-06-19T161226

NL 5302

Cement Grey

Mask group - 2023-06-19T161229

NL 5303

White Marble

Mask group - 2023-06-19T161234

NL 5304

Black Galaxy

Mask group - 2023-06-19T161238

NL 5305

Basel Marble

Mask group - 2023-06-19T161242

NL 5306

Moval Concrete

Herringbone Collection (5mm/0.5mm x 110mm x 615mm)

Mask group - 2023-06-19T161846

NL 5501

Snow Oak

Mask group - 2023-06-19T161851

NL 5502

Honey Oak

Mask group - 2023-06-19T161854

NL 5503

Light Grey

charcoal oak

NL 5504

Charcoal Oak

Technical Specifications